News: from March 11 (Monday). New section: lean menu.

Seven-big family cafe 

IDEA: the restaurant Menu is designed to ensure that the institution was visited by families. Thus, our menu combines dishes of Russian, European and Asian cuisine. Also, the restaurant serves Breakfast: Daily from 11-00 to 17-00

CHEF: Brand chef was Dmitry Shurshakov, known for such institutions as “Chaika”, “HongKong”, ” Not going anywhere” and “Vatrushka”

INTERIOR: the restaurant has two floors, designed the in the architectural Studio DBA Group. The interior uses wood, concrete, black metal parts, glass elements, green wall of plants. Restaurant is designed for up to 200 people.

Family restaurant SEVEN: Creates a warm home atmosphere in the heart of Moscow seven days a week, from the morning until the last guest, regardless of the occasion and the mood of the “Home” You are always welcome!

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